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Most importantly new franchisees need to have an appreciation for the lifestyle in their market, excellent character, a team mentality, a strong passion for real estate and a desire to achieve.  They need an entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity and an inclination to own their own business and provide the best service possible for their clients.
Yes – We begin with a comprehensive orientation followed by a yearlong, step-by-step office on-boarding training program designed to help you and your team easily understand and implement the entire program. Additionally, we provide an extensive library of webinars, live regional training, in-office business consulting and a national convention. Our training sessions focus on educating all affiliates in the areas they deem most helpful for their specific needs.

By utilizing our customized training, our system allows associates to progress very quickly and realize the benefits of United Country in a few short weeks. Once associates have implemented the United Country programs, they can win more listings and earn higher commissions.

Each office has an assigned business consultant who will visit your office and be available by phone, text, email or in-person meetings. Our consultants are seasoned veterans with deep knowledge of the real estate industry and what it takes to successfully own and operate a United Country brokerage and/or auction company. With decades of experience working with United Country offices around the United States, the business consulting team brings a comprehensive set of skills to each of our offices.

In addition, the team of more than 70 people working in our headquarters provides marketing, technology, public relations, advertising, copywriting, training and other support to our offices around the country. Unlike other franchises, we assist in office management and individual listing assistance.

At United Country Real Estate we provide you with the core programs needed to market and differentiate yourself and your listings from the competition. The marketing solutions provided by United Country will quickly and clearly show your customers what only you can offer them – and what other real estate agents can’t.

Our program was established as a marketing system designed to offer broader exposure for local listings. Providing the strongest SEO in the industry, we offer a system that focuses on your teams and customers’ real estate needs, allowing them to shop by property type, features and location. With a powerful office website, extensive online and offline listing advertising, direct mail programs, over 650,000 buyer leads, listing presentations and advertising templates, we can help you grow your business. Our local offices achieve higher levels of success by promoting these unique national marketing programs in their markets.

In addition, Enhanced Marketing Solutions (EMS) is a subsidiary of United Real Estate Group that offers custom designs and campaign development for special listings, auctions and projects around the country. Through a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, our EMS builds momentum for your individual projects and helps get them sold.

United Country Real Estate monitors franchise performance and helps our franchisees plan for expansions, encouraging successful franchises to expand and grow their offices. Many owners decide to expand their territory or open additional offices after they’ve achieved success with their first office.
Our program is a proven effective marketing system designed to offer broader exposure for local lifestyle real estate listings. We open the door to countless opportunities by marketing the “what” as well as the “where.” Other companies are limited to buyers who know where they want to move. We attract buyers beyond the “where” to buyers who want to purchase a certain property type and aren’t restricted to a certain area. A buyer database not limited to location means endless sales opportunities.

The United Country Franchise also provides enhanced marketing and support for our real estate professionals who sell the lifestyle they enjoy such as: small town and country living, ranching, farming, waterfront and mountain living, retirement, hunting, fishing, horses and the other amazing lifestyles across the country.

Any company with the desire to address the huge opportunity that opens up when you market the “what” as well as the “where”. Other companies are limited only to buyers who know “where” they want to move. We get more than our share of those buyers, but also get those who want to buy a certain property type and aren’t restricted to a certain area. This truly creates additional sales for our franchisees. Plus it often lets our franchises sell a lifestyle they enjoy such as country homes, ranches, farms, riverfront property, recreational property, second homes, coastal property and mountain property. It’s more fun!
The benefits to your agents will be similar to the benefits you receive. The objective is to increase their earning potential and income. Agents will have a stronger program with tangible, clear differentiation. Completing training will help to get your agents up to speed on the system as quickly as possible. After learning the system, the additional offerings should excite your agents and their clients. The agents will also have access to the home office team, with more than 70 team members working to help our offices achieve success.

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