“With everything that United Country offers – from Enhanced Marketing Solutions to business consulting, the national convention and extensive online training, we were able to take advantage of areas of opportunity and grow exponentially. By utilizing these resources, we were able to expand our areas of expertise and recruit foresters we might not have normally been able to recruit. United Country’s input has provided us with insights into the industry, areas of opportunity and best practices for growth.”

– Peter McPhail, Lincoln ME, United Country Lifestyle Properties of Maine

“Our Otero County New Mexico real estate market is only 67% of what it was one year ago. But the UC system is working for us down in south central New Mexico. We increased our sales volume by 10% and our market share by 62% in a down market!”

- Tom and Kathleen Jacoby, New Mexico, United Country Properties

“I just received an email from Dr. Terry Sweet of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation here in Western Colorado, a 25 year chapter chairman. I am putting a ranch in Northern Colorado under contract next week. I got my listing and my buyer via UC methods. Plus we are part of a farm auction being done by Jason Wallingford in Oct. as the seller lives here and was a deal handed to us by the RMEF. The plan is working very well. Thank you for laying the ground work through the home office partnerships.”

- Mike Krieg, Grand Junction, CO, United Country RealQuest Realty, LLC

“The average price of land near Hutchinson, KS is $800/acre, our land auction final price was $1540/acre. Thanks to the United Country agent network and a buyer that came from Ohio through the United Country website for helping make this deal happen.”

- Dan McChristy, St. Joseph, MO, United Country Property Solutions LLC

“Here’s the whole deal—he bought a $200k cabin on 40 acres last year, and another $40K—119k acres next to it. Then he bought one more for $675K! So, he’s right at $1 million—right through the confidential buyer leads!! Go United Country!”

- Todd Schroedel, Ridgeway, CO , United Country Sneffels Realty, LLC

“Just closed a deal with the United Country mortgage group last week. They did a great job! The buyers were first time buyers and had talked to another lender before I sent them to UC Home Mortgage. They felt so much better with the staff at UC Home Mortgage they switched and went with them. Closing went smooth as silk and they kept us updated frequently. I was impressed!”

- Scott Cambell, McComb MS, United Country - Gibson Realty & Land Company

“While doing a listing presentation to a FSBO owner today, I simply asked if we could do a quick search. Together, we Googled the following:
• Perry Oklahoma Real Estate…. we were the #1 site
• Perry Oklahoma Homes … we were the #1 site
• Perry Oklahoma homes for Sale … we were the #2 site

Too easy right? So I changed the search:
• North Central Oklahoma Real Estate…. we were the #1 site
• Central Oklahoma Real Estate … we were the #3 site
• Oklahoma homes for Sale … we were the #4 site

And the topper:
– Perry Oklahoma Homes … we were the number one site.

How cool is that? I know you hear this all the time, but thanks to the SEO team and all the work they do to make us look good every day on the web. And by the way, we got the $245,000 listing at our target commission rate.”

– Wally Schieffer, Perry, OK, United Country Landrun Realty, Inc

“I just wanted to tell you how happy Kevin & I are that we made the change to United Country. I’m happy to say that as of today, we have met and passed our GCI goal in only 6 months. We also have 30 under contract currently that have not closed.

I wish I would have made the switch from Keller Williams sooner. With the tools that United Country has provided, I am earning higher commissions than ever before and the sellers aren’t even questioning high commission percentage after I show them all the tools and marketing we use as a franchise and the marketing we do in addition to the franchise. I have a background in design so we are doing “Just Sold” post cards and “Just Listed” postcards. We are creating walk-through videos that aren’t just photos turned into a video. (We actually sold a property that had been on the market for four years and the buyer said this video helped bring her here to buy it). We are using MapRight to the fullest and our customers are LOVING it. We are getting buyers because we were the only ones showing up with aerial line maps and topo maps. We are doing custom signs for a lot of property because we have access to produce these at a very inexpensive price because of my background. We have professional photography equipment that is available to use on specific properties that need higher end photographs. Kevin has been making drone videos of properties which is producing tons of listings.

Our goal is to have 250 listings by the end of the year. When we took over the office they had around 90 listings. As of today, we are just over 200 listings. I believe this is because we are using the United Country tools that are available and putting a new spin on the marketing that is done in our area.

We recruited a Re/Max office and they have been getting new listings daily. The experienced agents in the office are claiming they have never been busier and many are stating that they are on track to have their best years yet at United Country.

As an agent, I have made more at United Country in one month than I did the entire year at Keller Williams even without the 70/30 split (Keller Williams is so proud of this split but they do nothing for you). Hands down leaving Keller Williams was the best decision I have ever made when it comes to Real Estate. United Country’s tools & marketing are hands down #1 in Lifestyle, Small Cities and Rural Real Estate in my opinion.”

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